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The ECS Cable Protection's product identification offer is based on excellent printable heat shrink tubing. It includes cable & wire identification, customized marking and print job service.


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  • HAG B1 \ B1A+

  • CHAG

  • Basic inf.

  • Tool elements

  • Specification

  • Accessories *

  • Additional inf.

  • Compliance



The hot air gun is an electrical tool, second insulation class, which is used to produce hot air blow. Hot air can be applied to many applications amongst others to shrink heat shrinkable tubing, to remove old oil paint and varnish, from for example , furniture, wainscot, floors, doors, windows etc.


  1. Two nominal powers: 1000W / 1500W
  2. Air temperatures: 375°C or 495°C
  3. Easy handling
  4. Light in weight


pdf HAG B1 \ B1A+

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HAG budowa

No.Tool elementOpis
1 Casing Casting made of high temperaturę resistant plastic. Designed to ensure proper operation of the heat gun. Meets 2002/95/EC RoHS
2 Switch Two-stage switch  allowing outgoing air temeprature change depending on demand
3 Outlet end Outlet end, guiding hot air direction with possibility of establishment of additional accessories
4 Air inlet openings Provides adequate air circulation , preventing overheating
5 Stand
Convenient handle for hanging a heat gun
6 Power supply cable with plug Power supply cable  230V/50Hz
Supply voltage 230 V
Supply frequency 50 Hz
Nominal power (pos. 1 / pos. 2) 1000W / 1500W
Air temperature (pos. 1 / pos. 2) 375oC / 495oC /
Insulation class II
Net weigth 710g
Protection class IP20

Additional accessories are included to HAG B1A+ heat gun model. These accessories are: nozzles with different cross-section and scraper handle with interchangeable tips of different shape.

HAG accessories

* Sales only together with heat gun

Carton content:

Basic version HAG B1 contains: heat gun, multilanguage instruction, warranty document. In case of ordering higher model HAG B1A+ additional accessories are included.

  1. CE compliance
  2. Second electric safety class
  3. Ingress Protection Rating IP20 Protection class
  • Basic inf.

  • Tool elements

  • Specification

  • Multifunctionality

  • Accessories \ packaging



CHAG is a multifunctional tool, which can be used as a heater, burner and soldering device. It will be provided without gas. Use a butane gas lighter refill to fill the device.


  1. Multi-function 3 in 1: burner, heater, soldering iron
  2. Piezoelectric ignition
  3. Stable heating: catalytic heating system
  4. Variable flame control
  5. Heat up to 1300 °C
  6. Easy to refill (butane)
  7. Block for child protection


pdf CHAG

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CHAG budowa

No. Tool element Description
1 Multifunctional detachable nozzle Points towards the outlet of hot air
2 Exhaust vent Provide adequate ventilation during operation
3 Safety lock Safety lock switch to lock ignition button from unauthorized use
4 Trigger ignition button Appropriately  designed button enables quick and easy start-up device. Its design prevents from slipping a finger
5 Red adjustment lever
Main ON\OFF switch
6 Black adjustment lever (+) to increase temperature and gas supply and (-) to decrease temperature and gas supply
7 Refill butane tank Included one does not contain butane and must be filled before the first use
Property Value
Size (LxWxØ) 144 x 35 x 20 mm
Weight (w/o fuel) 57 g
Fuel Butane
Hours of nonstop burning approx. 30 minutes at medium temperature
Operating temperature 200 - 400oC - soldering
to 450oC - heater
to 1300oC - burner

The advantage of the tool is the small size and the multifunctionality, which cover a wide range of applications.

chag2 multi


Can be offered in an assortment box, or on a blister card. We can customize the gun with your own logo on a label.

CHAG2 pakowanie

Additionally together with assortment box we add a deflector which is dedicated to shrink the heat shrink tubing.

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