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Print job service

Print job service

If you are looking for heat shrinkable cable & wire markers and you are not able or willing to do the printing and cutting yourselves, ECS Cable Protection is very pleased to do it for you.

The print job service offers:

  • Very high clarity printed FL - markers with good permanence. These markers are made from our continuous, flattened profiled, heat shrinkable cable & wire identification tubing and printed by thermal transfer with our ribbons to guarantee the superb quality*.
  • Ink jet printed, open profile, RT - markers for general industrial and commercial marking on all available tubing. These markers are based on our customized marking system**.

What do we need to know to make the correct marker?

  • The print quality required,
  • The type, size and colour of the tubing,
  • The length of the marker,
  • The colour of the print,
  • The information to be printed.

For questions about the conditions of our print job service please contact us.

* More detailed information about our cable & wire identification system at the dedicated page on this website.
** More detailed information about our customized marking possibilities at the dedicated page on this website.