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...not word should proof our quality
but our day to day work!

Professional equipment, in-line monitoring and frequent measurements & control by dedicated, skilled people guarantees a constant high quality output of production.

We want to keep it really
easy to You!

The ECS Cable Protection's product identification offer is based on excellent printable heat shrink tubing. It includes cable & wire identification, customized marking and print job service.


...our target!

As long as the company exists we have been focusing on customer needs. Our products, quality, packaging, flexibility, service, reliability, communication and action is in line with this principle!

FAST AND FLEXIBLE find always the best solution for You!

A dynamic, enthusiastic, skilled and professional team of people is focused and creative to find the best solution. In time this has lead to many strong business relationships.

We go further in customizing
where other stop!

Customized packaging, sizing and marking differentiate your products from competition. We can and want to help you!


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