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The ECS Cable Protection's product identification offer is based on excellent printable heat shrink tubing. It includes cable & wire identification, customized marking and print job service.


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Customized packaging, sizing and marking differentiate your products from competition. We can and want to help you!


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Heavy wall, dual wall, polyolefin heat shrink tubing with a very strong adhesive to achieve both excellent mechanical and environmental protection and insulation of various telecom and power applications.


  1. Maximum mechanical mpact and abrasion resistant
  2. Strong and perfectly encapsulating adhesive
  3. High shrink ratio
  4. Halogen free
  5. UV resistant
  6. Shrink temperature  > 110°C
  7. Operating temperature -40°C to +120°C


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Standard packaging:
article icon Meter lengths

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Sizes [mm]Minimum Inside Diameter Supplied [mm]Maximum Inside Diameter Recovered [mm] Wall Thickness Recovered [nominal value, mm]


13 3 2,65
19/6 19 6 2,65
30/8 30 8 3,30
45/13 45 13 3,70
52/15 52 15 4,10
72/20 72 20 4,10
92/29 92 29 4,10
115/35 115 35 4,20
130/45 130 45 4,20
160/55 160 55 4,20
180/55 180 55 4,20
200/60 200 60 4,20
Standard colours *:

* Listed above colours are illustrative and can differ from the physical samples. The differences arise because of differences in hardware monitors, printers and other devices.

Physical properties:
PropertyTest methodTypical value
Tensile strength  ASTM D 2671  min. 12MPa
Elongation at break  ASTM D 2671  min. 400%
Longitudinal change  ASTM D 2671 -10% to 0%
Water absorption  ASTM D 570  min. 0,5%
Thermal properties:
PropertyTest methodTypical value
Heat shock 4 hours at  225°C  ASTM D 2671 no dripping, cracking or flowing
Heat aging 168 hours at  150°C  ASTM D 638 elongation min. 300%
Low temp. flexibility at  4 hours at -55°C  ASTM D 2671 no cracking
UV Resistance, 500 hours at 60°C ISO 8580 no cracking, no colour change
Electrical properties:
PropertyTest methodTypical value
Dielectric strength  ASTM D 149  min. 15kV/mm
Volume resistivity  ASTM D 257  min. 1014 ohm/cm
Adhesive properties
Softening point ASTM E28 900C +/- 5
Water penetration - No penetration after 235 hours immersion at 230C
Peel strength PE 41 Pli
Aluminium 40 Pli
Chemical properties:
PropertyTest methodTypical value
Copper corrosion  ASTM D 2671 no corrosion
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